​The Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archeology visited the Dvorichanshchyna


On June 11, 2018, the staff of the Department traveled to the Dvorichna of Kharkiv region and visited Dvorichansky Center for Child and Youth Creativity and Museum of I.I.Mechnikov. The staff of the Department took part in the meeting, where the director of the Center O.M.Berveno spoke about the achievements and prospects of work with gifted youth, about the problems and further activities in perpetuating the memory of I.I.Mechnikov. Participation in the meeting also was taken by Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Dvorichansky District State Administration N.I.Koval. Methodist of the center - L.V.Babay - conducted a tour of Museum of I.I.Mechnikov for the Department staff. Also, the staff of the Department visited the National Nature Park "Dvorichansky".

The staff of the Department expresses its sincere gratitude to O.M.Berveno and the staff of Center for Children and Youth Creativity of the Dvorichansk District Council of the Kharkiv Region and looks forward to further cooperation!