Research and Scholarship

Three main areas of research and scholarship have crystallized at the Department of Historiography, Source Studies, and Archaeology: “Problems of the historiography and intellectual history of early modern and modern Eastern Europe,” “Problems of local history and heritage studies on the materials of Sloboda Ukraine,” and “Archaeological heritage and ancient history of Left-Bank Ukraine, Bronze Age to early medieval times.” Within these areas, members of the Department work on diverse issues of historiography, source studies, local studies, archaeology, and other disciplines. The Astakhov Readings, a biennial international scholarly conference, have become an institutional tradition. The Kharkiv Historiographical Review, based on the materials of the conference, is published since 1995. The other Department-based scholarly periodicals are the Notebooks in Source Studies and the materials of the annual Lunyov Readings.

The Department also hosts the Eastern Regional Section of the Center for Cultural Heritage Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ukrainian Association for the Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage (S. I. Posokhov, Director).

Members of the Department take active part in the work of the National Union of Local Historians (Professor S. M. Kudelko sits on the Union’s board), the Union of Archivists, Kharkiv Historical and Archaeological Society (Professor S. I. Posokhov co-chairs the Society), and other public bodies.

The Department’s faculty and staff maintain intensive scholarly ties with colleagues at other educational and research institutions.