Practices of the Self-Representation of Multinational Cities in the Industrial and Post-Industrial Era

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Activities within the framework of the project (2018):

  1. International Academic Seminar “Urban Studies in Ukraine: Current Issues (Foundational Session)” (July 6, Kharkiv)
  2. International Conference “Kharkiv-Poznań: Common Trends of Historical Development across Centuries” (November 9, Kharkiv)
  3. Seminar “Urban Studies in Ukraine: The Urban Space and Symbolic Images of Zaporizhia” (November 28-30, Zaporizhia)

Activities with the project participants (2018):

  1. Annual Scientific and Practical Conference "Traditional Culture in the Conditions of Globalization: Preservation of Authenticity and Development of Creative Industries" (June 22, Kharkiv)
  2. Scientific and Practical Conference "Urban Symbolic Space and Historical Memory: (de)construction of myths" (October 9, Kharkiv)
  3. XIV Source Studies Conference "The Emblem in Culture" (to the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Poland) (October 25-26, Kazimierz-Dolny, Poland)
  4. Presentation of the books on the history of urban and economic history (November 14, Kharkiv)
  5. Presentation of the Project at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (November 22, Kharkiv)
  6. Presentation and discussion of the project at Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (December 6, Lviv)
  7. Presentation of the Project website at the XXXVI International Local History Conference of Young Scientists (December 7, Kharkiv)
  8. Presentation of the Project at the workshop "Kharkiv Diplomatic" (December 12, Kharkiv)
  9. Meeting of the head of the project prof.S.I.Posokhov with its participants in Dnipro (December 20, Dnipro)