Club of University Stories

Report of the Club of University Stories for the 2019/2020 academic year

Club of University Stories: History and Present

Club activity presentation

The Club of University Stories was created to facilitate informal interaction and exchange between those who are interested in the history and culture of universities and feel an inseparable personal bond with the life of Kharkiv University. The Club’s practical mission is to join together historians of education, bring to light little-known episodes in the University’s history, discuss its present state, and enrich the collections of the University’s Museum of History with new artifacts and audio and video materials. The Club’s participants discuss papers on the history of education in general and history of Kharkiv University in particular, present new books in the field, organize meetings with people who have taught, worked at, or graduated from our University, and visit interesting places around the University and memorable sites connected with its history. For a long time, the sharing of “university stories” – curious and often unknown facts from the school’s history – was a traditional component of our meetings. Now the archive of “university stories” is preserved at the Museum of History of Kharkiv University, which has been supporting the Club since 2005 and provides space for our meetings.

The idea to create the Club belonged to Professor S. I. Posokhov. The present Chair of the Club is V. Yu. Ivashchenko.