Lunyov Readings

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The Lunyov Readings are an annual theory and practice seminar initiated by the Department of Historiography, Source Studies, and Archaeology in 2010. Participants meet to discuss problems of museum studies and art. The seminar is dedicated to the memory of Afanasiy Fedorovych Lunyov (1919-2004) – a graduate of the Faculty of History, distinguished teacher, museum worker, art historian, local historian, and the founder and manager of the Parkhomivka Museum of Art and History.

Since meeting for the first time at the Karazin University in January 2010, the seminar has become a recurring tradition. Every year, it brings together historians, specialists in museum studies and art history, librarians, archivists, artists, teachers, and other professionals to discuss both general problems in museum studies (such as the establishment and functioning of museums or new directions in the field) and topical professional issues – museum pedagogy, museum communication and public relations, collection-building and modern forms of educational and research work, the use of technological innovation and technical equipment in museum work, and so on.