The Department has the highest, IV level of accreditation and the right to grant Master’s degrees. For a long time, we graduated specialists in two concentrations: “Archival Studies” (since 1995) and “Archaeology” (since 2002).

In 2018, the Department opened a new Master’s program in “The Study, Preservation, and Use of Cultural Heritage.”

The Department is structured along disciplinary lines, which makes it possible for us to offer the widest range of courses, general and special. Our faculty and staff teach not only the basic foundational disciplines (historiography, source studies, archaeology, ethnology, archival studies, methodology of history), but also various auxiliary historical disciplines, museum studies, local history, historical psychology, and art history, as well as the didactics of history and numerous special courses. All courses are based on original programs developed by the faculty and staff.

Our students build up practical skills both in seminars and labs and during periods of field training in archaeological excavation, museum and archival work, local studies, and school teaching. The training is also supervised by the Department’s faculty and staff. Students have opportunities to familiarize themselves with the work of archives, museums, and restoration workshops not only in Kharkiv, but in other Ukrainian cities as well. They work on projects that result in public presentations, exhibitions, and publications.

Members of the Department publish textbooks and methodical guidelines and regularly receive post-educational training at leading universities. This helps us ensure a consistently high level of professional instruction for our students. Three informal student research groups meet regularly at the Department: the Archaeology Club, Art History Club, and the Club of Historiography, Source Studies, and Auxiliary Historical Disciplines. The faculty and students help organize and participate in such venues of discussion and exchange of ideas as the Club of University Stories (hosted by the Museum of History of Kharkiv University), the Theory and Practice Seminar in Problems of Regional History and History of Everyday Life (run at the Academician P. T. Tronko Center for Local Studies), and the O. S. Fedorovsky Research Seminar in Problems of Archaeology (based at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Sloboda Ukraine).