Participation in the Erasmus+ academic mobility programme

From 19 to 24 June 2023, Associate Professors of the Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archaeology V. Y. Ivashchenko and Y. A. Kiselyova took part in the Erasmus+ academic mobility programme. In the course of the programme, they got acquainted with the organisation of the educational process at the Faculty of History of the University of Gdańsk, in particular, the methodology of teaching the course of historical tourism, and also attended the reporting session of postgraduate students of the University of Gdańsk, which is traditionally held at the end of the year in the university library. Magdalena Nowak, a professor at the University of Gdańsk, was the supervisor of the internship programme. Recently, the professor's monograph "Two Worlds: The Problem of National Identification of Andrei Sheptytsky in 1865-1914" was translated and published in Ukrainian, and Kharkiv scholars had the honour to attend the public promotion of the book, which took place at the European Solidarity Centre. Another valuable experience was the participation in the inaugural meeting of the Gdańsk University Women's Club, where reports on gender issues were presented and the charter of this NGO was adopted.