Anniversary of a Distinguished Artist

Nina Semenivna Verbyk was born in Kharkiv on June 10, 1949.

She is a painter and graphic artist and a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In her work, she remains true to the realist tradition while displaying a unique artistic style. Her pieces attract with their bright color palette and romantic imagery. The thematic range of her work is quite diverse, encompassing portraits, landscapes, genre paintings, and sacred motifs. Her paintings have garnered a significant following and have been exhibited at numerous shows.

She has frequently showcased her paintings and graphic works at the university: in the Heinrich Semiradsky Art Gallery, at the Faculty of History, and in the exhibition hall of the Central Scientific Library. Her works adorn the university's spaces. In 2019, following a personal exhibition, she donated a large collection of her works to the university.

We also gratefully recall the establishment in 2004 of the "A. F. Lunyov Creative Award" – in honor of the Faculty of History graduate and founder of the world-renowned art museum in the village of Parkhomivka, Afanasiy Fedorovych Lunyov (1919-2004). The award (a work by N. S. Verbyk) is granted for the best presentation at the annual International Scientific Local History Conference for Young Researchers. To date, 26 individuals have received this award, mostly students of the Faculty of History. Additionally, in 2011, she established another A. F. Lunyov Creative Award for participants in the annual "Lunyov Readings" scientific conference, with 14 nominees to date. We fondly remember our warm meetings with the artist and look forward to new ones.

We wish the jubilarian good health, many more years of life, continued optimism, and new creative achievements.