Meetings of student circles

On 20 June 2023, as part of the meeting of the Historiography, Source Studies and Special Historical Disciplines, Modern and Contemporary History and Art History Circles, a meeting was held with Olena Fediuk, a researcher of Ukrainian labour migration and director of documentaries on this topic, at the University of Padua. In particular, the meeting was devoted to the screening and discussion of the film "Olga's Italian Diary", which tells the story of an extraordinary Ukrainian woman's life in Italy. Many questions were asked during the discussion. The conversation focused on the story of Olena's acquaintance with Olga, which gave rise to the idea of the film, and the motivation of the film's author and her character, as well as the co-authorship of the director and the heroine in reconstructing her life story and constructing its meanings. Our guest spoke about the technical side of making documentery, in particular, about the peculiarities of directing and working with the cameraman and editor. She also discussed the political aspects of the perception of labour migration in Ukraine and the attitude towards Ukrainian citizens abroad. Olena shared her own experience of migration, which became another aspect of her interpretive practice in the course of her research.

We sincerely thank our guest and all those present for a wonderful conversation!