Meeting of the student scientific Archaeology Club

On March 31, 2023, a meeting of the Archaeology Club took place on the Zoom platform. It began with a speech by Anastasia Basyuk, a 2nd-year student, who introduced everyone present to the history of the village. Upper Saltiv and Saltiv culture. The associate professor of the department, the head of the Medieval Archaeological Expedition of Karazin university Valery Volodymyrovych Skirda supplemented it and said a few words about Upper Saltiv. Then the audience listened to the report of the architect Ivan Chervonyak regarding his plan for the museification of the Verkhnosaltiv archaeological complex. After that, an active discussion took place regarding the possibility of creating a museum according to the architect's plan, and all those present expressed the hope that this plan will be implemented. The meeting was attended not only by students and employees of the Karazin University, but also by people from all over Ukraine (representatives of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and even beyond (the North Bohemian Archaeological Institute).

(Materials of the master's thesis of Chervonyak I., supervisor. Snitko I.A.)