Meeting of the student scientific Circle of Archeology

On the 28 of November 2019 in the Museum of Archeology of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University there was hold a regular meeting of the Circle of Archeology. This time we were visited by a specialist in the design and operation of drones, a graduate student of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics of M.E. Zhukovsky NAU "KhAI" I.V. Zhezhera. The lecturer spoke in detail about the latest achievements of scientists in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, paying particular attention to the possibilities of using UAVs in archaeological research.

An active discussion of this topic and the prospects for cooperation between specialists from different scientific fields confirmed the sincere interest of all those present and the relevance of such studies.
We thank the lecturer for the excellent report and invite everyone to join the circle!