Meeting of the student scientific Circle of Archeology of the Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archeology

On November 6, 2019 was held a meeting of the Archeology Circle, dedicated to acquaintance with the unique collections of the State Museum of Nature of the V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University. History students had the opportunity to see with their own eyes the representatives of fauna from different parts of the World from Africa to the Antarctic, from the inhabitants of forests or deserts to the underwater kingdom.

Most of all future historians and archaeologists were impressed by the skeleton of one of the largest mammals of the Paleolithic era - the mammoth, the incredible size of a whale skeleton up to 33 m in length, and a huge collection of original stuffed birds, some of which were made more than 250 years ago.

And thanks to a wonderful excursion from the museum staff, students learned not only new information about animals and fish from the remotest corners of the Earth, but also interesting facts about the nature of Ukraine and the familiar wildlife that surrounds us every day.

Everyone was very pleased with this format of the meeting, because for students who want to learn about the World, there is nothing better than to see the diversity and uniqueness of each element of the biosphere.